About Us

Welcome to Madderty Micro brainchild of me 'Wally Wonka' as my friends and colleagues now know me or Russell as my mum would call me!

We hope you enjoy explore our flavour creations of Gin even half as much as we have enjoyed the process of making them.  We may be a little tongue in cheek at times but this principle just stems to using great quality materials, a grasp of flavour and knowledge handed down from my parents and them from theirs to make something that honours what I consider to be a proper Liqueur still spirit.

For far too long I have gotten frustrated at the 20% ABV watered down drinks that are available on the shelf so I figured I would start doing something about it.  I have worked within the drinks industry for years now watching the rise and fall of many fashions but few rises in popularity have occured to quite the extent of Gin.  In particular I have been grasped by our new found love of the gin liqueur and intregued by how it is seen so differently to the most traditional of gin liqueurs Sloe Gin.

To kick off this project I figured I needed to start with the obvious.  Gin! It is at the core of many of our flavours really and to start creating our Gin we start life in the same way as most distillers with a Vodka.  That is right folks the majority of Gin's you know and love start life off with the same base spirit, an almost pure vodka. This is where we start to get a bit unique, usually botanicals are then infused with a second distillation.  The cheaper gins on the market usually use a different method called compounding where they add in the essential oils and flavourings of what they want to create (so for gin Juniper).  Well we compound our gin too, and weirder still we are proud to do so! We do not use essential oils but whole, usually fresh, botanicals and infuse the flavour over time to create the perfect base for our products.  This is what we now call the Nudist gin (or our naked unadulterated Gin). We closely guard the recipe, but we love the fact that this too is an artform as every batch needs to be blended and made up to achieve that consistant(ish) flavour but still allows for a small variation in every batch like any handmade goods. Generally speaking though the core of the botanicals are citrusses backed up by a few aromatic dried spices, but that is as much as I will give away.

Now we have the perfect base that works just perfectly as a gin in it's own right we can start playing around and creating a world of flavoured gins.  You see because we stick to the higher ABV we cannot call it a liqueur, but the principle is still identical fruit infused flavour, sugar, gin.  With the flavoured Gins we try to keep things as natural and authentic to our home territory as we can using just freash Perthshire fruits that we infuse into our gin.  Then like a bowlful of berries we accentuate the flavour with a little sugar.  

We also make a slightly more off beat range of flavoured Vodkas too.  Currently these are still in development dreaming up ever weirder and unusual flavour blends.

So now that you have discovered what we are all about there really is only one thing left for you to do!  Get a bottle or 2 and go and enjoy it.