Madderty Micro Apple Crumble Gin

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Madderty Micro's Flavoured Gin are always created with only the finest of Scottish fruits (fresh fruits only which are all subsequently frozen to release their flavours) blended with our own unique recipie compounded gin. Our recipies are designed to stick as closely to how liqueur style spirits have, for generations, been made in kitchens across the UK. When I first discovered the magic of a homemade Sloe Gin it most certainly was not 20%abv! It was a full strength gin infused with fresh sloe berries and sweetened with sugar, so in reality the ABV would be around 35%.  Thanks to modern laws and regulations we have had to ramp the ABV up to 37.5% so we can call it a flavoured gin, the only alternative would be to dilute it down to 20-24% to be allowed to call it a liqueur! Quite frankly the thought of that did not appeal and is far removed from the delicious drinks I remember.

The Apple Crumpble Gin was in fact one of our hardest creations, simply because of the oxidising nature of apples!  So we started off not like most with an essence, but in fact with some oven roasted apple slices, then we add in for about 12 hours only batches of grated apple flesh and the skin we add seperately as we can leave this in for much longer.  All of this brings together the right balance of fresh and baked apple.  We sweeten this one up with some soft dark brown sugar.  An unusual choice but it really brings forward a deep dark flavour and colour.  

Perfect Serve?

Well that depends on what you like really doesn't it!  I know how I like it, but then if that does not rock your world then try something different.  Any way below are some suggestions, the apple crumble is in fact a little easier to define than most!

  • On the Rocks
  • Fresh brambles and either tonic or lemonade
  • Ginger ale and a cinnamon stick
  • Prosecco
  • In a whole host of fabulous cocktails

Got some better suggestions? Please do Contact us and let us know.