Madderty Micro Cailleachan Gin

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noun cail·leach kälˌ(y)əḵ

Waow we really did cram it in with our second dry gin!

  • An old witches Potion
  • An Aphrodesiac
  • Magical Colour Changing
  • A gin with a shimmer
  • Inspired by Wally Wonka's wife!

Okay so lets break all that down first!

Cailleach is a an ancient Gaelic name for a witch we figured it was the perfect "in a nutshell" name for this new gin and yes the name was inspired by Mrs Wonka herself a true witch at heart!!  We stumbled upon some old witches potions love and aphrodesiac potions to be precise and one of them just sounded so mind blowingly gin deliciousness we just had to use it as the botanical list alongside juniper (ok we cheated and added 1 extra flavour) 

The magic starts with the colour, blue in the bottle but mysteriously transforming pink in front of your eyes mirroring the pink heather covered hillsides the Cailleach was said to have formed.  Where does this witchcraft come from? Like any true magician we cannot reveal our secrets!

Cailleach Gin has more than just one trick up her sleeves however, give the bottle a good shake to reveal her mesmerising shimmer.  Just be careful not to stare too long!

So the flavour?

Well we wanted to ramp things up in intensity from the Nudist.  So we start with a more intense Juniper flavour (we use a little more and infuse it longer).  The we have a good dose of herbs from Rosemary and Thyme to Green Tea and Rose Petal.  The Spice comes from Nutmeg and a variety of citrus zest adds a finishing lightness to the whole affair with the usual suspects and some Pink Grapefruit too.

This is a delightful gin to enjoy with a delightful tonic, your preference of course but this is one gin we really do suggest our garnish of choice.  Sure Fevertree is great but we also love Fentimans with a slice of orange.

Lastly yes, the Cailleachan is nw a seasonal delight of a gin.  It means that we will be brewing this up over Autumn and winter with a final big batch to see us through as long as we can but ultimately when this is gone, it really is gone, finished, no more until next halloween!