Madderty Micro Gin Baubles

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Madderty Micro Gin Baubles

Gin Baubles, yes they have come to your very favourite Madderty Micro Collection.

These beautiful 20ml bottles come ribboned up, encased in an individual lantern style gift box and finally packeged in a hand embellished box (it is the little hand made touches that make these special) of 5 different flavours from our core range.

Perfect to adorn your Christmas tree this year. We can honestly say you must be quick as each batch we make of these is bigger than the last and still sells out as quick as we can fill ribbon and decorate these.

If you have special requests for your flavour choices then just ask.

Oh and each gin is also lovingly shimmered so it sparkles when you shake it.  How more festive could you get.

So how many will make it to your tree this year?