Madderty Micro My Pink Gin's Better Than Your Pink Gin

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My Pink Gin's Better Than Your Pink Gin

Was the first exclaimation our very own Wally Wonka made when he tasted this creation, so pleased he was with the natural balance of locally inspired botanicals.

So what is a Pink Gin?  A very good question and something we delved into having been asked soo many times before if we did a pink gin.  As most of you will know much of our range is pink in one shape or fashion so the question was always met with confusion. So this was the first recipe where in the later stages of development Wally Wonka tried some of our competitors gin to see what we were up against.  As expected the taste was sweet, but not liqueur sweet, fruity but not a natural fruit.  Somewhere between a gin and a liqueur.

And so to our own make up, the botanicals are all inspired from local to hand ingredients.  We start with Raspberries, something Perthshire is renowned for, then some local honey (not a heather honey or anything too aromatic), beyond that is is a celebration of the Scottish hedgrerow featuring rosebuds, rosehips, thistle, heather and elderflower. We will continue to make this as our spring/summer gin but once the season is gone so will the Pink Gin be!

A fabulous celebratory gin that is elevated to new heights with a quality tonic.  Now with this gin we do have to say Fever tree does make the difference but fentimans works pretty darn well too. Garnish?  Personally I go for lime as it adds a new dimension to the gin but I like a dry style of gin, if you prefer it sweeter a few more raspberries (we always suggest Scottish and frozen).