Madderty Micro Parma Violet Gin

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Parma Violet Gin

A strictly limited batch this one!! The first time we have followed the trends and crowds so Wonka has made a small batch of Parma Violet gin just for the hundreds of lovlies that keep on asking for it.  Unlike our contemporaries this IS a Gin. Yup thats right nobody else makes a parma Violet gin Parma Violet liqueur yes, but not a gin.

No complicated tasting notes etc just something stronger than 18% ABV and deliciousness in a bottle.  Get ordering early as this will disappear fast!

 To taste this has an unmistakable violet air about it but with a delicious fizz on the tongue too.  We recommend this one with lemonade rather than tonic as it just works best!!  Garnsih it up (or don't bother) with a good few raspberries.