Madderty Micro Spiced Rum

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The 2018 launch of Rum Na h-Alba or Scotland's Rum has been a long time in the planning, wishing for a long tim to get expermimenting with a rum wash and how best to get a classy full flavoured style of modern Scottish Rum.

Molasses, Golden Syrup and Demerara all go into the mix adding a variety of qualities to the final spirit but if truth be told its our unique blend of yeasts that add the truely unique apple scent to the base white rum.  After the week long fermentation and the double pot distillation we age this briefly on a delectable and creative blend of spices and oak chips.  Like our gins there is a strong focus on fresh botanicals.

The result is a gentle sipping rum, light and delicate in spice great to enjoy as is or mixed in your favourite tall drink.