Madderty Micro The Nudist Gin

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The Nudist is our bare naked gin.  When we approached this project the idea was to simply create a range of flavoured gins in a liqueur sort of style.  As Madderty Micro came into being we found that the best base for this was to make our own gin!

So we now unashamedly create our own Bootleg style or compounded gin.  Ok really simply put we infuse botanicals into a base spirit cold or without distillation, it is a practice that, thanks to the cheaper gins exploiting this by just using essential oils rather than actual botanicals, got a bad name.  The reality is that you can make a fabulous compounded gin that takes just as much skill, passion and precision as a distilled one.

So what is the recipe?  Juniper plus some extra magic!  I would love to tell you but it is a closely guarded secret suffice it to say the inspiration is from my culinary love of asian cuisine.

  • Stupidly smooth
  • delightfully citric
  • Just a tad spicy 

Serve it with your favourite tonic and a few fresh berries or a slice of orange