Strathearn Citrus Gin

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Citrus Gin.  Perfect does what it says on the tin right?  Well yes...... but also no! Oh gosh ok let me explain.

So like the HEather Rose we take the Strathearn Base gin then we infuse it with lovely citruses of grapefruit Lime, lime leaves and then something totally different.  Star anise! Yup this Citrus gin has a hidden love for aniseed!

Now haters of aniseed do not be alarmed there is still hope (I promise you, I hate aniseed but I love this gin).  So Fevertree Premium and a grapefruit garnish will be perfect to bring out the aniseed but if you don't like that or ae serving it for someone else that does not just change the tonic for a traditional style lemonade (bought or homemade).  This change alone removes all hint of aniseed and leaves behind just the wonderful aromatic citruses.  Miraculous and a real summer coller style drink.