Strathearn Dunedin Golden Rum

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One of the first in a new wave of Scottich Distilled Rum's and in this case a Golden Rum, Scotlands first for 100 or so years!

First up that bottle, waow we love it and the depiction of Murdina the Gaelc Sea Goddess giving this drink classifications Naval connections with the sea.

So whats inside.  A Molasses based rum, slowly fermented for a full flavour profile and then distilled again slowly using very traditional human decided factors.  When it is distilled there is not simply a set of procedures to follow care is tken to pay attention to alcohol levels and especially flavour profile as a key resulting in a usually relatively poor yield of fabulous quality from each distillation.

The result is an epic and complex Rum with Vanilla, cocoa, spice, caramel and fruits all playing for your attention for us, however, it is probably the striking whisky tinge about the flavour that gets us.  Presumably a result of this Whisky distilleries process and equipment rather than the ingredients.

Drink it as it is with a little ice would be just perfect, maybe a little lime.  As a long drink opt for lemonade or ginger ale instead of coke on this rum.